Wandering Souls

I used to envy folks who had a “home” solidly based in a faith tradition. I assumed they were very comfortable and felt safe. I felt like a lone traveler without a home. Now I find comfort in knowing there are many of us wanderers. Perhaps what we lack in superficial safety, we make up for with depth of experience. I recently came across a poem posted by Jamie Walters at Sophia’s Children that expresses this…

QuoteWorthy: Pilgrim, Gypsy, Wanderer Soul.


About Beyond The Letter

Mike is a designer and writer. He blogs about the spiritual side of life at www.BeyondTheLetter.com. Additional background and sample pages from his book of spiritual poetry can be found at www.dyingtolivebook.com.

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  1. Thank you! For finding a great website – and a great quote, too. Cousineau’s book is one of those you can pick up, read for a bit, and get wonderful meaning from. Then six months later, pick it up again and re-discover the same passage in a totally different way. While I haven’t brought the book with me, I’ll admit to having a few of his comments squirreled away to use at some point.


  2. Hi Jim, Thanks for that book recommendation. I’ll check it out. I guess with traveling the world, you can always just access books in the “cloud.” The printed versions might just weigh you down.


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