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How many bleeding hearts does it take?

I’ve been hesitant to post something on this blog that references politics. I believe the spiritual realm transcends the political world that divides many of us into liberal or conservative. But I am compelled to ask a question that challenges the dominate political narrative in the United States. Many Americans believe one political party or philosophy is more moral than the other. For decades, we’ve heard that the “conservative” or Republican philosophy promotes moral values. We’ve all heard of the term “Moral Majority” that was created by politicians and ministers. Somehow “liberal” has come to mean immoral or un-Christain to some. There was an exception to this phenomenon during the Civil Rights movement, when “liberal” politicians and ministers used the power of religion to promote a vision of political and social justice. But for most of the past decades, it has been: conservative = good morals, Christian, and real American; liberal = bad morals, anti-Christian, and maybe un-American.

What do you think and believe? Do the scriptures you read match the political philosophy that you endorse?

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