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A Dream about Wisdom, the Divine Feminine

Light-in-TreeI wrote down the following in the Fall of 2013…

I had a dream last night. In the short dream, I see the base of a tree. Grayish crackling bark with a green stem growing through the tree’s skin. I see roots from the stem pushing into the tree. I think that must not be good (for the tree at least). I also notice that the trunk splits before it enters the ground; creating an arch above the ground that I can see through. I pull on the green stem and remove it from the tree. Then I look through the archway. There are webs and other things partially blocking the view. So I use the stem to brush them away. Then I see light like a sunrise coming through the tree’s opening, and I catch a glimpse of a young woman walking on the other side. She comes from behind the tree to stand by its side. We see each other face to face. And we both say at the same time, “It’s you! Where have you been?” We kiss, and a strong sense of love and reconnection fills me.

Since then I’ve wondered what the dream could mean. I knew this dream sequence wasn’t about a romantic kiss or the sexual attraction of some long-lost love. But what was this deep hunger for someone lost to me? Were we together at birth, but then separated?

It hit me recently while reading the book “Beauty, The Invisible Embrace.” In the chapter, “Attraction: the Eros of Beauty,” John O’Donohue quotes the Book of Wisdom 8:2-4…

“She it was I loved and searched for from my youth;
I resolved to have her as my bride,
I fell in love with her beauty.
Her closeness to God lends lustre to her noble birth,
Since the Lord of All has loved her.
Yes, she is an initiate in the mysteries of God’s knowledge,
Making choice of the works he is to do…”

And then this from the Book of Wisdom 6:12-17…

“Wisdom is bright, and does not grow dim.
By those who love her she is readily seen,
And found by those who look for her.
Quick to anticipate those who desire her, she makes herself known to them.
Watch for her early and you will have no trouble;
You will find her sitting at your gates.
Even to think about her is understanding fully grown;
Be on the alert for her and anxiety will quickly leave you.
She herself walks about looking for those who are worthy of her
And graciously shows herself to them as they go,
In every thought of theirs coming to meet them…”

The feminine aspect of God; that’s what I’ve been suppressing. She had to find me in a dream while I slept. When I’m awake, I listen to the voices of convention and avoid her wisdom. She was my birthright, but I’ve listened to our patriarchal culture’s understanding of God. I hope to embrace Sophia and the wholeness of God.

In this regard, I found this website quite interesting…

Here is a wonderful quote from the linked page…
“What we do not realize is that this patriarchal denial affects not only every woman, but also life itself.  When we deny the divine mystery of the feminine we also deny something fundamental to life.  We separate life from its sacred core, from the matrix that nourishes all of creation.  We cut our world off from the source that alone can heal, nourish and transform it.  The same sacred source that gave birth to each of us is needed to give meaning to our life, to nourish it with what is real, and to reveal to us the mystery, the divine purpose to being alive.”

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